Security pack

Beginner or experienced, take part of a course about mountain risk prevention and management.
Knowing it well is a necessary condition to evolve in it. Depending on your level, with your ESF instructor, learn the basic rules that will allow you to evolve in an unsecured environment.

Contents of your Security pack

  • 1h30 trainingAll season
  • Be relaxESF provides you with the safety kit : backpack, beacon, shovel, probe
  • No skis needed!Everyone can participate.
  • Prepare your outingChoose your destination according to the actual conditions. Know, check and use your safety equipment (beacon, shovel, probe).
  • On the spotAnalyze the snowpack stratas and the risks of avalanche, how to move with maximum safety.

  • In case of alertCall for help, find out where you are and send your contact details.

We invite you to contact us for any request on this pre-season period.
Our packages
Group Security pack
Price per person (minimum 3 p)
schedule1.30 hour training
date_rangeSee the weekly program
Private Security pack
Price from 1 to 6 pax
schedule1.30 hour training
date_rangeOn demand
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Teens group lessons
Adults group lessons
Adults group lessons

Instructor testimonial

Jean Marc
Security pack instructor
All about the use of security equipment for autonomy of use
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