Advice to parents

So your child gets the most out of his lesson, please remember :

- To use the right equipment : ski jacket, hat, mittens or gloves, sun glasses, solar cream, handkerchief and a little snack in his pocket if necessary

- helmet is strongly recommended for children on the pistes, mandatory for certain levels (competition, freestyle...)

- do not follow the lessons and call your child during the lesson. Let the instructors decide about changing levels.

- inform us of any health issues that your child might have

- your child is on holiday and the goal is that he enjoys himself and wants to come back. Please, respect his rythm and don't try to push him too much ! Trust our team and listen to their recommendations.

Please, follow the following rules :
- have your e-ticket with you
- be on time for your lesson
- make sure you have your lift pass with you

The ESF declines all responsability for material or corporal accidents to the pupils.
The ESF reserves the right to cancel or regroup group lessons if there are less then 3 people.
Weather conditions, lift breakdowns or other accidents are not the ESF's responsability.
Consequently, no cancellation or postponement of lessons..
The ESF doesn't insure its clients, we recommend that you take the ARAVIS SECURITE ski and cancellation insurance.